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I think that over the course if this summer term, I have developed more as a writer. I always made my paper flow, however, I think that having the paragraph by paragraph structure allowed my paper to flow smoother, and the ‘moves’ that was needed in each paragraph made my paper much stronger. Being forced to do basic research made me more confident in the fact that I am capable of doing a research paper. The social justice theme made me appreciate the people who are making a difference in the world; for example, Blake Mycoskie. He wrote a memoir called Start Something that Matter and within his memoir, he talked about TOMS and why he created TOMS. Working on citations and the MLA writing format also made me more confident for the fall. I know based odd the classes that I will be taking in the fall MLA format will come in handy. Never in my high school writing was I required to use footnotes within a paper. I actually liked using footnotes because it’s like a fun fact or it help explain something more. Lastly, my paper on the Ann Arbor events and resources was very helpful to learn about. It made me feel more like a Michigan student. I think that all the components that we have learned within this term made me more prepared for the fall. Thank you!!


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