This Bridge Called My Back


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The title of the book is This Bridge Called My Back. The book was editied by Moraga, Cherrie, and Gloria Anzaldua. The book was published in 1981.This book is an anthology. The book’s title refers to all the oppersion that miniority femminst women have to endure and the bridge represents the feminist women crossing over from their struggles to their victories. The point of view are in the editors point of view: Cherrie Moraga and Gloria Anzaldua. The communities that are included and vauled are females of color and feminists.  In the article by Gloria Anzaldua, an example of feminist tone “’I’m more poor, more oppressed than you’, who give suffering and pain more merit than laughter and health” that shows feminist tone because instead of them focusing on their oppression they choose to focus more on the postivity. Cherrie also says, “And yet, it is true that our oppression is not the be-all and end-all. I worry about tendency in the movement where women of color activities seem to be enamored with our oppersion”( Moraga, “Refugees of a World on Fire” pg 258). I believe that means that women are bewitched by their oppersion and not actioning against their oppression.  You can tell when Latina women are speaking because she would be writing in spanish; for example Glori Anzaldua says “…estas hasta el pescuezo de sufrimiento, de contar las lluvais de sangre pero no las lluvias de flores(up to your neck with suffering, of counting the rains of blood but not the rains of flower)” ( Anzaldua, “Forewood to the Second Edition, 1983, pg 253). I can tell that was a Latina woman because she wrote in spanish and translated.

Work Cited

Moraga, Cherrie & Gloria Anzaldua, Eds. This Bridge Called My Back 2nd Edition. Boston:

Kitchen Table, 1983. Print.


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