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The Arb or Nicholas Arboretum was designed in 1909 by O.C. Simonds (Wikipedia. par 2). The Arb is a place that Daniel and I did not even know existed, so it came as a shock to know that The Arb was located right behind our dorm. In the heart of the Arb is a very large river, but the walk to the river is definitely a struggle. For example, it was way too hot to be walking in the forest. Daniel just came from practice so he was already hot, tired, and hungry, and I, myself, just do not like nature. However, the sight itself is amazing; the flower gardens were gorgeous and smelled pretty nice as well. The buzzing of the insects in my face, the feeling of something crawling on my leg, and the fact that I was walking in open-toed sandals, just was not pleasant. Once we finally arrived to our destination, the sight was breath-taking. Daniel and I both felt a wave of peace and calmness come over us from the river.

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Every day, Daniel and I walk past the Natural History Museum; we never took the time to observe what was inside. The NHM is a building that is shared with three research museums (Anthropology, Zoology, and Paleontology) (Wikipedia. par 3), which is probably the reason it looks like a classroom from the outside. Walking into the NHM, it was hot. It was outside and hot inside, which is just not a good combination. On the other hand, the NHM was actually a nice place. The display of the mammoth was very 3D like. It just pops out in your face. The display of the wolf was ridiculously scary. The thing looked so real. If you made one sudden movement the wolf would just attack you. It was realistic for all of the other wild life displays, which Daniel and I found interesting. We found out information about Michigan itself; for example, that the grey wolf is Michigan’s largest predator. We actually enjoyed the NHM, it had lots of stuff animals such as: Foxes, coyotes, and certain kinds of ducks that we had never seen in person.

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The University of Michigan Art Museum is one of the largest university museum in the United States. The museum was originally built as a war memorial in 1909, for the university fallen alumni from the Civil War (Wikipedia par 1) Daniel and I are both not big fans of art. I really do not care for art; however, it was interesting to see what other consider art to be. What exactly is art? Art is anything you want it to be. For example, the light bulb. So how exactly is a light bulb considered art? We have no idea, but it is. We like how the place is air conditioned. It felt nice to come out of the heat to a nice air conditioned place. The art museum made me feel sophisticated and it made feel young again because he was curious about all of the art.

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There must be a correlation between the art fairs/museum visits and the temperature. The Ann Arbor art fair is one of Michigan’s finest summer traditions and of the largest outdoor fairs in the nation (Ann Arbor Art Fair. par 1).. On the contrary, the art fair was the worst of all the other places we visited. The whole weekend that the art fair was there, it was extremely hot. It was way too hot to be walking around with other sweaty people. Daniel and I found ourselves getting frustrated while walking because the sun was killing us. Everywhere you walked there was heat. No shade. No escape. The sun is frying us like bacon and every time you walked past someone their sweat will rub against you. Daniel and I both hate the feeling of being hot and sticky and that is exactly how we felt walking through the art fair. On the other hand, the people really did have some amazing art. Daniel saw a couple of painting that caught his attention because they were absolutely gorgeous, but it was too difficult to focus on the art when the sun is beaming down on you. We think that the art fair would have been a more enjoyable experience if was not so hot and sunny. A day when the sun and wind can work together.

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Conducting information for our survey was very difficult for us, because we only had eight people do it besides Daniel and I. We assume everyone went to the Arb, The NHM, The Art Museum, and the Art fair because we took a class trip to all of the following. Yet, everyone’s personal experience is different. It is hard to display our data when there is only so little. If Daniel and I could change the way we distributed our survey, we might have had better results. I believe that if we were given this project again we would have printed off our surveys.  On the other hand, the small responses that we did have showed that the students enjoyed the visit to the Arb more than the other places that we have visited.

With Daniel and my experience at all of these places, we can conclude that the overall experience was not the best. We feel the if it was a different day or the weather was not so hot our experience would have been a lot different. Even though it was so hot and uncomfortable, our experience was still a positive one. Daniel and I got to know each other on a much better level also. If we could go to one of these places again we would choose the Arb, because we can visit it any time of the year.

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