In my TOM Paper, I summarize the great things that “TOMS” does for the World. I also hint on why Blake Mycoskie decided to create TOMS and the meaning behind TOMS.  My “Failure with a side of Toast” paper was more about a man name Shades and a girl name Giuellieta. Shades was a Detroit graffiti artist who had a tough time growing up but then changed his life around and became a well known graffiti artist around Detroit. Giuellieta was a woman who suffered from a mental disorder called schizoaffective disorder, which was  basically bipolar disorder combined with schizophrenia. My Ann Arbor paper, my partner, Daniel perry, and I  talked about the amazing events that happened around the University of Michigan campus and also the resources that are available for the students. Lastly, in my short writing assignment, I wrote about a book called “This Bridge Called My Back” and that book was basically about minority women talking about the oppression that they endure for society. After reading all of my papers, the reader should understand that I have develop a lot as a writer.